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The complex project management services include:

  • The development and improvement of the original concept of the project, the rationale for its commercial viability and feasibility, to determine the prospects for further development of real estate, including the development of business plans and discounted cash flows in their implementation;
  • Serving as a representative of the customer in all phases of the project, including the development of initial permits, preparation of technical specifications for the design;
  • Oversee the development and coordination of project documentation;
  • Drawing up a preliminary estimate calculation of cost of works, schedule of the project and its funding schedule;
  • Preparation of tender documentation;
  • The organization and conduct of the tender for the selection of contractors;
  • Develop a set of contract documents and negotiations with the selected contractors;
  • Project management in the construction phase, including the exercise of the functions of technical supervision;
  • Documenting, examination of the hidden works, critical structures and commissioning of engineering equipment test;
  • Quality control and plan their production to the requirements of SNIP and project documentation installed cost estimates and budget;
  • Development of measures to optimize costs;
  • Organization of training and transfer of the necessary documentation;
  • Identification and inventory of defects and deficiencies, the organization works to address them;
  • Coordination with contractors and clients final accounts for the work done;
  • Monitoring of compliance by contractors obligations to eliminate defects discovered within the warranty period of operation of facilities;
  • Legal services at all stages of project development and implementation, including the development of legal documents and permits, preparation of contract documentation, training and legal review of contracts of insurance and warranty is made by contractors for the duration of the contract;
  • Assist in the resolution of disputes and disagreements between the project participants;
  • Professional support in case of conflict.

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